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נועה יהונתן נעה יהונתן נעה יונתן נועה יהונתן נועה יהונתן איפור ושיער תסרוקת לחתונה נועה איפור ושיער נעה יונתן איפור כלה נועה יונתן עיצוב שיער נועה יונתן איפור כלה נועה יהונתן נועה יהונתן נעה יהונתן נעה יהונתן נעה יונתן 


Beauty passionate, born and raised in Tel Aviv, based in Paris since 2014.

Noa has gained a substantial professional experience durring the last 14 years working both in the fashion Industry and in the world of cinema on fiction films as a head hair and makeup designer. 

From shoots for Paris fashion week for high-end brands as Maison Margiela, Givenchy and Balmain, to fashion photography (wallpaper* magazine), fashion shows (DIOR, H.Stern), TV programs ("The Voice"-head artist, BBC Trinny and Suzzanna, NBC Dig-head artist), Tv spots (Armani, Sprite, Orange, Colgate, Visa, Alfa Romeo, American Express) and also contributing to "Designer Fashion" magazine by "Haaretz" publishing as a Beauty and Make-up coloumist, Noa has a rich and various professional experience. 

Noa has discovered her love for beauty and arts early in her life, trained in arts schools, which urged her to acquire a diploma as a Hair and Make up artist by the year of 2007 at Natasha Denona Academy in Tel Aviv. Her profound interest in Art and innovation of aesthetics has also led to her to pursue a B.A in multidisciplinary Art (Tel Aviv University) and Masters in culture studies (Paris VIII).


Since working in Paris, in the European film industry, Noa has participated as a designer and artist on several award winning films. "Synonymes", Berlin golden bear winner 2019, "Jusqu'a la garde", winner 5 French Cesar awards 2019, and two films in 2020 Cannes Film Festival official selection "my donkey my lover and I" and "Garçon Chiffon". 

Noa keeps enjoying her work as a professional beauty artist on a daily basis, continuously exploring her unique and modern vision of new possibilities in the beauty and aesthetics fields.  

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